Thursday, March 24, 2016

World Basket Cup

Get the experience of an interactive basketball game free online. Feel the excitement and the thrill like as if you are the one actually playing. So, if you wanted to be a good basketball player, start here before you hit the big court.

How to Play the Game
Move: Left and right arrow keys
Jump: Up arrow key
Pick the ball off the floor: Down arrow key
Shoot: Spacebar
The game will greet you with a cool sound and visual effects. A menu will pop up: Play, Select Player, Rules, Sound, and more games.
The more games option will bring you to a link of other online games that you can choose from. Play now: Red Ball
The sound option work like a switch, which turns the sound on and off every time you click on it.

The rules option is like a video demo of what the arrow keys and the spacebar are for and some tricks about the game.
Online Basketball Games
The select player option will make you choose “new player” three times and will ask you to enter a name three times also before you hit “ok”, there is also an option beside it that says “delete”.
After you have selected a player, proceed to “play”. It will, once again, show you a demo of the game controls, then a player profile: skin color, hair color, and your preferred game location: arena, beach or rooftop.
Source:Duck Life


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