Monday, March 21, 2016

Cool Math Running Fred

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Prove your acrobatic skills with Cool Math Running Fred. This is Online Games Free with many interesting and mysterious things. Enjoy it right away, you will feel satisfied. Practice your mission by helping Fred to remain alive. To do that, you have to run as fast as possible and jump over obstacles.  Play now: Red Ball

This game brings you three different modes named the adventure, challenge and endless survival mode. In each of such rooms, there are many perils. So you need to be equipped many skills to overcome all them. Further, you don’t let him be caught by the Death chasing him, or he will die, and the game will stop immediately. Try your best! Don’t forget check it out at our website.

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Right now, Fred is getting stuck in a cave of a deadly witch. Hurry to play Running Fred Cool Math Games and help him escape from that terrible place now.

Look! A black witch is trying to catch Freed while he is running very fast. Wow! The witch can fly. What would you do to save him? He cannot run faster than flying. Go and give him a hand. The only thing is to run as quickly as possible to escape from the witch’s quest. While finding the way to get out the cave, please don’t let Fred touch and hit any obstacle on the road, or he will be dead. Control him well to jump over, slide, or flying over them. Don’t miss a chance of collecting all gold coins. Hope you can save him, guys!
Have fun with Running Fred Cool Math Games!


You use arrow keys to move the character and space bar to jump
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