Monday, March 21, 2016

Pixel Warfare

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Be prepared for the epic adventure in Pixel Warfare unblocked! This Cool Math online game is ready to give you toughest challenge ever! Are you willing to accept it? You will get addicted once joining it for sure! The game is inspired from Minecraft and Modern Warfare. Pick up your strong weapon and kill everything getting in your way, and then try to earn yourself extra score!
 You will have lots of chances to perform your skills, especially when confronting with wicked enemies! Try to work it out and beat off the game!Play now: Red Ball


Use the keys WASD to move around, key R to reload
Press key numbers from 1 to 6 to change weapons, key Tab to bring up the menu

Pixel Warfare is a completely revolutionary 3D multiplayer shooter game which gives more possibilities for Paco-players than for others. If you want to play full version of this game, you have not another possibility than play the game at PacoGames. It means, that all Paco-players have a huge advantage above players at other sites. A retro graphics of the game is along the lines of popular game Minecraft. The graphics together with a full screen mode in a ratio of 16:9 brings great playing experience. Moreover, the game offers a lot of weapons and maps, so no player will have a problem choose. A system of names in the game remembers your score without need of any registration. I believe, you will excited from the game Pixel Warfare as well as we in We wish many many fun and successful shots. Have fun.
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