Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why It Is Important to Buy a Pool Table of Good Quality

The selection of pool tables for home use in the market is huge. There are numerous models from all kinds of brands. It is natural for buyers to look for the most affordable product. However, in their attempt to save on gaming equipment, they often overlook the quality of the item that they are buying. If the equipment is not of good quality, there could be a lot of hassle and frustration instead of fun games. Play now Duck Life
It is essential for you to go for a pool table of good quality. I know this from experience. Consider the reasons why you should consider investing slightly more for the sake of getting quality.

Play Surface

When the play surface of a pool table is poorly designed or constructed or made from a material which lacks high density and solidity, you will certainly not enjoy exciting pool billiard games. The surface will not be perfectly smooth and the balls may have to go through uneven parts and this will definitely reduce the quality of the shots change the course of the game.
When the surface is not properly leveled, the balls will inevitably roll in one predominant direction due to the natural gravity force no matter what the players do. A poor quality surface can have an adverse effect on the speed of the balls and slow them down in addition to altering their direction.
You will enjoy perfect pool billiard games in the short term and in the long term when the surface is smooth, solid and perfectly leveled. The balls will roll perfectly with a high speed. They will have excellent rebound as well. It is not mandatory for you to invest a considerable amount of money in a pool table with a slate play surface in order to get the best gaming experience. Amateur players who require tables for home use will find play surfaces made from accuslate and similar high-density solid and smooth materials to be great for playing.


When the cloth of a pool table is of poor quality, you can expect a lot of issues. It will hold chalk, talk and dust. It will not be smooth enough for the balls to roll properly. It will crease or tear if you accidently dig the tip of your cue into it. It may get detached from the play surface. It may fade and tear easily after just several months of use.
The good quality cloth is made from sturdy and smooth nylon or wool and nylon blend. Even amateur pool tables for home use come with wool and nylon cloth and this does not push their price up. You should certainly go for a table with such a cloth which is properly attached to the play surface and frame with adhesive and/or staples. You will love the fast and smooth rolling of the balls and the durability of the cloth. You just need to clean it regularly and protect it from sunlight by using a proper cover.

Rail and Cushion

The rail is the top part of the table which the cushions and pockets are attached to. The cushion is attached to the rail and covers its inner side. It is the surface which the balls bounce from. When the rail is of poor quality, it can get easily damaged and make shots a lot more inconvenient and challenging. It may have an adverse effect on the movement and speed of the balls. A poor quality cushion will give the balls poor and slow rebound so it will make game play less exciting if not frustrating.
It is important for the rail to be over 4 inches wide and to be made from a solid material with high density, preferably wood. Similarly, the cushion should be made from gum rubber and be excellently molded. The K66 cushions meet the internationally set standards for professional tables and they are readily available as features in the models for home use. With good quality rail and cushion, you will make perfect shots without discomfort every time and enjoy games with fast rolling balls with excellent rebound.


There are all sorts of issues which can occur if the frame is made from low quality materials or has poor construction. Scratches on the surface of the cabinet and the legs are the least serious problem. Chips and dents can affect the looks of the pool table and the comfort of the players as well. Cracks in the cabinet and legs can cause serious structural damage, affect the level of the play surface and consequently the game play and even put the table at risk of collapsing.
Given all this, you should invest in a pool table with solid frame construction. It is best if it is made from wood or a material with matching density, strength and durability. That way, you will enjoy playing pool for decades without any issues.
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