Monday, March 21, 2016

Raze 2 Unblocked Game

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Join in the most exciting battle with Raze 2 unblocked game. The enemy has come back. There are waves of zombies and aliens there just biting to sink their teeth into you. You, the last surviving Raze soldier are the last hope of your country. Equip yourself with all kinds of badass weapons and armor, and get ready to roll. Eliminate your opponents and defend the Galaxy, and yourself from the bloodthirsty monsters. 

Play Return Man 3

Try to survive as long

as you can. Pick up your weapon and start this justice war with the unblocked Raze 2!


Use the arrow keys or WADS to move, Mouse to aim and shoot, Space to jump, Q/ E/ shift to change next or previous weapons, F/ Ctrl to use the ability.

Reach for the Sky= with a railgun (or other longrange) go to the crash landing map and shoot to the sky over and over again until you get the medal. Reward= moon corpses mode.
I Hate Nature= With a assault rifle, go to the facility/lab map and go to the place where there is plants hanging overhead on the ceiling. Reward= unlimited ammo mode.

Love is blind= Do the first level on the Human Campain. Before the missile comes down go back to the place where you started and walk into the giant heart to get the medal. Reward= 4x health mode.
Oh Hi Kitty= Go to the frostbite map and go to the big iceberg at the very top.(It is nearly impossible to get there.) Once you are up there, go to the middle and jump. (The map drains your health so be quick!) Reward= lol cats mode.


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