Thursday, March 31, 2016

Boosting Pool Game Performance with Brain Evolution System

Brain Evolution System – My Secret Weapon

Before I explain what is this Brain Evolution System and how it could help to raise your performance, let’s talk about pool game first. Play now: Duck Life
Everyone has a basic idea of how a pool game has to be played. You need to use the cue and the cue ball to get a suit of balls in the pockets of the table while preventing your opponent from getting their balls into the pockets. It seems easy, right? Things are not so simple when you start playing, however. You need to take the right position, hold the cue in a specific way and estimate the angle and force of each shot with maximum precision. Needless to say, you have to have perfect concentration at all times.
I still remember what it was like to be a beginner in this game. As an experienced player now, I have various tips to share with newbies and more advanced players as well. I have taken part in tournaments and I know what it is like to play well even under pressure. Let me tell you how you can improve your performance.

My Secrets to Success  

For optimal performance, it is essential to use equipment of good quality. You would not want anything but the force which you apply to affect the movement of the balls. The base (structure) of the table has to be solid. The feet should be adjustable for ensuring that the surface is perfectly flat. The bed should have thickness of at least one inch. The heavier and denser it is the better. The felt, rails and cushions should be made from high-quality materials and should be excellently fitted. You can readily check out my reviews of popular pool tables to make a good choice.
When it comes to shot techniques, the most important thing is to keep your body and your arms and back, in particular, relaxed. Tension only leads to inaccuracy. You should also avoid looking down at the tip of the cue before making a shot. For achieving precision, keep your head straight at all times. Despite the common misconception, the use of too much force and the abrupt movements will not get you anywhere. You should move the cue slowly and gently. Ensure that you support the cue well with your bridging hand before you make the shot.
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