Monday, March 21, 2016

Gang Wars

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You use arrows or WASD to move
What do you get when you mix a blaxploitation kung-fu movie and an Asian horror movie?  You get Gang Wars, a weird combination of bad fight choreography, drug dealers and a monster movie all rolled up in to one.

An inner city martial arts instructor with a nice afro goes to Hong Kong to get further training and takes one of his star pupils, Rodan, along with him.  During the training, the pupil breaks off from the group and stumbles upon the site of an ancient sacrifice and decides it would be wise to take an amulet from the site.  As you can guess this is a bad choice, as it awakens some kind of demon from the site who was being kept at bay by the amulet.  Now that the amulet is gone, the demon is free to roam, and he wants that amulet.
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